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 Our collection is handcrafted by a private jewelry designer that designs for individuals, unique shops and boutiques. Our designer creates meticulous pieces that are often on of a kind.
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Cherry Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set
Freshwater  Wedding  Necklace
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Woven Crystal & Pearl Wedding Necklace Set
Freshwater Pearls & Smoky Quartz Necklace
Visit our auctions below and shop for a unique necklace set, handmade right here in the USA.
Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set
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Woven Crystal Necklace
Our collection of handmade woven necklace sets features  freshwater pearl necklace sets, Woven Swarovski crystal and Celestial crystals. The single strand weave is beautiful and durable for long lasting wear. Other necklace  collections include wedding necklace sets and nautical and beach style.
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Freshwater Pearl Necklace Sets

Wedding Necklace Set

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